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How to identify the quality of craft beer? The beer that only brew master can own

Release time:2020-03-07

Craft beer is known as "health beer". Because there are no auxiliary materials, no hop extract, and no additives, after drinking, it will not burp, dizzy, or hurt the stomach. When wake up the next day, you will feel refreshed as if you didn't attend the beer party the day before. So do you know how to identify a good craft beer?

1. Look

After pouring the beer into the glass, observe whether the foam is rich and uniform. A good glass of craft beer should be rich and homogeneous. In addition, the color of craft beer is much stronger than that of industrial beer. The color of craft beer is showed amber or golden yellow, the darker beer is showed as red or dark red, and it is generally turbid and slightly precipitated.

2. Listen

When you open the cap, listen for the crisp sound in the bottle, then slowly pour the beer into the glass. Unlike ordinary beer, the sound poured from a good glass of craft beer should be very smooth, without the uneven noise.

3. Smell

Shake the glass, hold your nose close to the glass, and smell it. A good craft beer does not smell any alcohol. Instead, it will smell a strong flavor of wheat and hops. It has a strong breath and will last for a long time. It truly feels the quality and connotation of the passed-through wheat flavor.

4. Taste

Taste the foam of the beer in the glass, which melts like ice cream with malt aroma; drink the foam and liquor without mouth sticking or prickling the throat. You can taste its strong malt aroma.

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